Outdoor LTE Small Cell
Outdoor LTE Small Cell
FDD/TDD LTE small cells are among the newest mainstream products in the recent 4G LTE market. This product class is outdoor FDD/TDD LTE small cell. It provides operators with the ability to extend the outdoor LTE signal coverage. It can support PoE++ depending on customer demands to make the deployment easier. The specific housing design allows the FDD/TDD LTE small cell to overcome tough outdoor environmental challenges. 
Sercomm can provide different bands for outdoor FDD/TDD LTE small cells for outdoor scenarios.
Key Features • 3GPP LTE Release 8 & 9 compliance
• Support 96~128 users
• Maximum RF Tx Power 500mW~20W
• 2x2 MIMO support
• UL up to 64 QAM, DL up to 64 QAM
• ZeroTouch install
• Support SuperSON
• Data offload & 4G coverage improvement
OAM Specifications • TR069 HeMS for remote management
• Local Bluetooth with App on cell phone
Device Specifications • 4 internal antennae: 2 for LTE, 1 for network listening, 1 for GPS
• Internal GPS embedded
• 1 x Gigabit port
• PoE++