Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
Sercomm creates a wide range of enterprise-class equipment with highly integrated technologies to meet the needs of enterprises as well as massive public needs. From core technologies development-embedded systems and firmware & hardware integration-through manufacturing services-supply chain management and production & quality assurance-Sercomm operates as a total solution supplier for our partners.

Sercomm also supports global after-sales services through its North America, APAC, and EMEA branches. Sercomm supports Open Wi-Fi, which provides open APIs that enable device management from the cloud. Sercomm is committed to the most advanced communication technologies to meet the demands of next generation digital communication.
Enterprise Network

Sercomm develops a diverse range of enterprise-grade equipment, integrating advanced technologies to cater to both enterprise and public demands. From core technology development, including embedded systems and firmware & hardware integration, to manufacturing services encompassing supply chain management and production & quality assurance, Sercomm serves as a comprehensive solution provider for its partners. With branches in North America, APAC, and EMEA, Sercomm offers global after-sales support. Sercomm is a proponent of OpenWiFi, which facilitates device management from the cloud through open APIs. Committed to the forefront of communication technologies, Sercomm strives to meet the requirements of next-generation digital communication networks.

Private Network

Sercomm provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for private networks across both CBRS and licensed bands. Our offerings include LTE/5G small cells, LTE/5G CPE, edgeEPC, UDM (Unified Device Management), IoT gateways, security surveillance, sensors, and cloud-based applications.

Sercomm's cloud-based Unified Device Management (UDM) system unifies clients and devices within a single management platform. With multi-vendor device compatibility, it streamlines device access, accelerates deployment, reduces support costs, and optimizes operational efficiency and profitability.
A CBRS domain proxy is a member of Sercomm's UDM product family, enabling the concurrent utilization of multiple radios within your spectrum. CBSD aggregation and proxy functions are primarily tailored for larger network deployments, offering seamless integration with an EMS/NMS or the option to function independently as standalone units.

Sercomm S1 IoT Platform, architected with AWS Solutions, comprises six microservices in a serverless environment that scalably connect IP cameras, sensors and smart home gateways with third-party service platforms. The S1 middleware offers a platform development kit for customers to build their own proprietary platform catering to their own business needs.