WCDMA Small Cell (EOL)
WCDMA Small Cell (EOL)

Over one million Sercomm WCDMA small cells were deployed by mobile operators in rural public spaces for homes and businesses. This product exemplifies Sercomm's commitment to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible for customers. Sercomm also offers different bands for small cells, but this WCDMA small cell product is only available in band 1 and is intended for residential use.

Key Features • Smallest footprint (WxLxH: 110 x 80 x 30 mm3)
• ZeroTouch install
• Automatic software activation and factory recovery
• ActiveRadio™ for the automatic configuration of the radio coverage
• Support 8 simultaneous calls
• No external antennae
• Data offload & 3G coverage improvement
• Low power consumption
Hardware Specifications • Maximum RF Tx Power of 13dBM
• Typical DL receive sensitivity: -112 dBm
• UMTS operating and network listen band: band 1 (2100MHz)
• GSM network listen band: Band 3 (1800MHz) & Band 8 (900MHz)
• Internal antennae gain: 0dbi
• One Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) port
• One USB port for power supply
• One LED (Red/Green Bi-color)
• One Reset button
• One SIM card slot
Software Specifications • Core network interface: GAN, IMS, and luh
• Network connection security: IPSec
• Device security & authentication: Certificate or SIM
• Remote device management: DSL Forum TR-069
• Simultaneous calls: 8
• Simultaneously attach to this device: 20
• HSPA performance: up to 14.4Mbps downlink & 5.7Mbps uplink