Sercomm has strived to make the best endeavours in bringing people closer through our engineering efforts in the field of telecommunications. We believe that a successful business model is more than just to create values for our shareholders but at the same time to collaborate with our partners to drive positive impact to our environment and community.
Pursuit our Commitments
Sustainability is a never ending journey and we aim to perfect our performance through constant evolutions.
Protect our Planet
Where Sustainability sit at the heart of the agenda in our business, we take planet-changing objectives as part of our missions.
Care for our People
We cherish all characteristic and embrace the uniquness of every individual because we believe that by doing so we can shape the world for the better.
Better our Approach
We believe that long term success is based on making the best and most strategic decisions rather than being constrained by short term results. We are convinced that every step we take is continually woven together for good.
Resource Center
Read more about our CSR & Sustainability Report
Award & Recognition
Over the past 30 years Sercomm has been dedicated to providing the most innovative telecom broadband solutions and to offering the finest products through our engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Alone the way the efforts we made have made Sercomm to receive numrous awards but to us the greatest award would be the recognitions and trusts we gained from our customers and our partners.

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