Career Opportunities
Sercomm not only actively recruits technical experts but also devotes resources to employee trainings and cultivation. Sercomm firmly believes that “talent” is the Company’s most valuable asset and invests considerable amount of resources and budgets each year in providing the best workplace and trainings of professional skills and knowledge for employees in order to inject new momentum and vitality to the company. Currently, we are looking for working partners who identify themselves with the same vision as Sercomm’s and are willing to work with us to create the future.

As one of the leading companies of the industry, we welcome talents with different background to join us. As long as you have the same passion to pursue excellence like we do, you will find your fit here.
Sercomm @ Taiwan Local positions: 104

Sercomm @ China Local positions: 51 Job

Sercomm @ Philippines Local positions: Job Street

Sercomm @ Japan Local positions: Doda Japan
Recruiting Process