Corporate Governance
Internal Audit
  • The Audit Office of the company reports directly to the Board of Directors. Its primary responsibilities include investigating and evaluating the completeness, rationality, and effectiveness of the company's internal control and various management systems. Each year, before the year-end, the Audit Office formulates an audit plan for the following year based on risk assessment results. This plan is then submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval, the plan is reported to regulatory authorities through an online information system for record-keeping purposes.
  • In addition to statutory reports presented at regular Board meetings, the Audit Office provides reports to the Board of Directors and managers as necessary. The audit scope encompasses the company and all its subsidiaries, covering all financial, business, and other operational activities. This ensures the effective implementation of nine major cycles and adherence to other relevant legal provisions.
  • The Audit Office is responsible for urging each unit and subsidiary of the company to annually assess the effectiveness of their internal control systems. It reviews the self-assessment reports of each unit and subsidiary, integrating these results to form the basis for the statements on the internal control system issued to the Board of Directors and managers.
  • The Audit Office is staffed with a dedicated Internal Audit Officer and associated audit personnel. This includes those required by legal regulations for domestic and international subsidiaries, totaling five individuals.