Enjoying learning and applying what you've learned in practice are important philosophy for the learning & development at Sercomm. In order to support the career development of all colleagues, we are committed to establishing a comprehensive training system and learning roadmap. This allows colleagues to clearly identify their learning  focus at every career stage. Additionally, we provide various learning topics via diverse channels, including online / in-person courses, virtual learning sessions, and more. This comprehensive approach enables  employees to effectively improve their capabilities, unlock their potential, and continue to grow in excellence together with the company.
Training System
Newcomer training, professional skills, leadership development, general knowledge, and language improvement.
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Share learning Resource
All Sercomm employees across Europe, Asia, and the Americas can share knowledge through the digital learning platform.
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Online Courses
Over 90% of our internal courses are self-developed to effectively disseminate in-house knowledge and enable cross-functional partners to learn from each other.
Cross-border Shared Digital Learning Platform
In 2018, Sercomm launched a cross-border learning platform, continuously extracting in-house expertise from different functions and establishing open, shared online courses. To date, the platform offers more than 90 programs, 480 online courses, and over 100 courses in English to share with international colleagues and exemplifying the spirit of borderless learning at Sercomm.
Cross-border Shared Digital Learning Platform
Continuous learning throughout careers
From the very first day of joining Sercomm, the learning journey begins. Starting with newcomer programs, new manager courses, and diverse professional and leadership courses, as well as access to a library, Sercomm employees not only have internal learning opportunities but are also encouraged to participate in external seminars and courses. At every stage of their careers, the company creates opportunities for continuous growth.
Continuous learning throughout careers
Key Talent Development
Believing that talent is the foundation of our company, while Sercomm is experiencing rapid growth, we also pay a lot of attention to the deployment and development of key talent. Not only create diverse international career paths, we also provide learning resources based on talent’s individual development plans to support them in enhancing their capabilities and fully unleash their professional and leadership potential!
Key Talent Development