Corporate Governance

Sercomm has long been committed to establishing and maintaining a comprehensive corporate governance framework, adhering to the 'Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies' set by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Taipei Exchange as its governance guidelines. Sercomm has established a thorough information disclosure system, legally disclosing financial, operational, and corporate governance-related information in a fair and timely manner on the Market Observation Post System and the company's website, ensuring effective communication with all stakeholders. Furthermore, to strengthen its governance structure and respond to changes and challenges in the external operational environment, the composition of Sercomm's Board of Directors is notably diverse, including the incorporation of esteemed figures from the academic and industrial sectors. These board members apply their extensive professional knowledge and experience in decision-making and oversight, contributing significantly to ongoing innovation and the enhancement of corporate value.

Governance Structure
Board Members
Title Name Education Experience
Chairman James Wang
Representative of Zhuo Jian Investment Co., Ltd.
Harvard Business School, MBA Carnegie-Melon University, ME President of Sercomm Corporation
Honorary Chairman and Director Paul Wang
Representative of Pacific Venture Partners Co. Ltd.
Carnegie-Melon University, PhD Chairman of Sercomm Corporation
Director and President Ben Lin
Representative of Zhen Bang Investment Co., Ltd.
National Tsing Hua University, M.S. in Power Mechanical Engineering Executive Vice President of Sercomm Corporation Director of IBM Subsidiary
Director Charles Chu
Representative of Yun Zhou Investment Co., Ltd.
Michigan State University, MS in Mechanical Engineering Senior VP of Sercomm Corporation
Independent Director Steve K. Chen Harvard Law School, Ph.D. Chairman of EZconn Corporation
Independent Director Shih, Chin-Tay Princeton University, PhD in Electrical Engineering Stanford University, MS in Management Science and Engineering Dean of the College of Technology Management of National Tsing Hua University
Independent Director Rose Tsou Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, MBA Boston University, MS in Mass Communication Head of International, Verizon Media
Independent Director Paul Yang Harvard Business School, MBA Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MS in Mechanical Engineering Vice Chairman of China Development Financial Holding Corporation
Board Practices

Sercomm is committed to establishing a well-functioning and effective Board of Directors. We disclose the status of board operations, material resolutions made by the board in recent year, and the dynamics of communication among Independent Directors, Internal Auditors, and Accountants. Furthermore, we detail the specific management objectives and implementation status of the company's board diversity policy. The professional competencies and independence of the board members reflect Sercomm's dedication to strengthening corporate governance and enhancing corporate value.

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Material Board Resolutions
Board Diversity Policy, Specific Management Objectives, and Implementation Status
Board Effectiveness Evaluation
Sercomm, in accordance with the 'Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies', has established a 'Board Self-Evaluation Procedure' aimed at enhancing the functionality and operational efficiency of its Board of Directors. This procedure stipulates that the Board's effectiveness should be evaluated at least annually through an internal self-assessment, and at least once every three years by an external professional evaluation.
The scope of this evaluation encompasses the overall Board, individual directors, and each of the functional committees. The results of the Board's performance assessment are not only used as a reference for the selection or nomination of directors but are also disclosed in the annual report, detailing the execution and methodology of the performance evaluation.
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2022 Board Effectiveness Evaluation