5G Millimeter Wave Trends and Innovative Applications International Forum at SCSE 2024
The "5G Millimeter Wave Trends and Innovative Applications International Forum" is an extension event of the 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE), co-hosted by the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) and the Institute for Information Industry (III)
Sercomm's LumeLink Streetlight Modules Win the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024
Sercomm's LumeLink Streetlight Modules have won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, a testament to our commitment to innovative product design. LumeLink redefines urban lighting by seamlessly integrating up to 3 outer (Zhaga/Nema) ports and advanced features such as Wireless Access Points, Dome Cameras, and Lighting Controllers
Sercomm Showcases 5G, O-RAN, Intelligent Diagnostic Platform, and Digitalized City Services at MWC 2024
Sercomm presents innovative solutions at MWC 2024, spotlighting 5G, O-RAN, Intelligent Diagnostic Platform (IDP), and Digitalized Service for City. Our mmWave and sub-6GHz small cells, along with indoor/outdoor 5G FWA CPEs, ensure comprehensive connectivity
Sercomm's IDP Revolutionizes Telecommunication Management
Rooted in our experience as a world-leading provider of telecommunication equipment, Sercomm’s Intelligence Diagnostic Platform (IDP) is uniquely placed to offer a cloud-based, end-to-end solution delivering deep business insights, automated Home WiFi management, and a complete suite of troubleshooting tools
Sercomm Demonstrates Mobile Private Network Solutions for Industry at MWC 2024
As part of MWC2024’s focus on 5G innovation, Sercomm is excited to showcase how our Mobile Private Network (MPN) solutions are enhancing industrial automation, powering autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), and optimizing healthcare provisions
Sercomm Unveils Next-Gen Connectivity and Security Solutions at CES 2024
Sercomm is excited to showcase our latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions in three themes: ‘10G Ultra-Broadband Generation’, ‘Smart IoT’, and 'Immersive Entertainment Experiences’ at CES 2024. Our diverse portfolio includes AI-powered IoT Solutions, and 10G ultra-high-speed networking solutions, including 5G Small Cells, 5G FWA, DOCSIS 4.0 xPON, WiFi 7, and IP streaming devices
Explore Sercomm's 10G World, Elevating Home Entertainment and Connectivity
Sercomm’s 10G World vision is set to revolutionize your home entertainment. While our access products, including DOCSIS and XGSPON, play a crucial role in delivering the 10G speed, our WiFi 7 Router and Mesh Repeater ensure reliable distribution throughout every corner of your house with low latency
Unlock 10G Connectivity with Sercomm at CES 2024
At the highly anticipated CES 2024, Sercomm is showcasing our pivotal role as the 'last mile' of 10G connectivity. From Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and DOCSIS 4.0 to XGSPON, our products form the backbone of the 10G vision. Adopting a multi-backend approach, we ensure that the 10G advantage is fully embedded into diverse environments, delivering unparalleled speed and ultra-low latency, putting the power of 10G in every hand