LTE Gateway
LTE Gateway

Genesis CPE is an outdoor fixed wireless LTE CPE powered by PoE. Its LTE supports 3GPP Cat 12/13, and RF supports 4 Tx/8 Rx for different needs, including DL 8R diversity, 2CC~4CC 2x2 CA or 2CC 4x4 CA, and UL 1Tx/4Tx CDD/2x2 MIMO. Its sleek design features directional antennas with 12dBi Tx gain; HPBW is 30 degrees. Micro SIM or MFF2 is selectable for operator needs. FW supports NAT/Bridge mode. HTTPS is available for configuration, management, and troubleshooting. TR069 is supported for operator management.

Key Features • LTE Cat 12, 3GPP release 15/13, B42/43/48
• 4Tx / 8Rx RF
• Download: Support 8R diversity, 2CC/3CC/4CC 2x2 CA (256QAM), 2CC 4x4 CA • (64QAM)
• Upload: 4 Tx CDD, 2x2 MIMO
• Max Throughput: 587Mbps(TDD), 4 CC 2x2 256QAM
• Bridge, NAT and SPI firewall support
• VPN pass-through support
Hardware Specifications • 1 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Mbps LAN port
• 1 x Reset button
• 1 x Console port
• 8 x Internal antennas
• WiFi 11n 1x1
• Operating Temperature: -40°~131 F (-40°~55° C)
• Operating Humidity : 90% or less(non-condensing)
• Dimension: 300mm x 300mm x 77.8mm
• Micro SIM / MFF2 selectable
Software Specifications • NAT / Bridge
• Web