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Sercomm and iControl Networks Bring Advanced Cloud Camera Technology to the Smart Home
Partnership Meets Growing Consumer Demand for Innovative Connected Home Video Service  

Sercomm Corporation (TSE: 5388), a leading manufacturer of broadband and wireless networking equipments, has partnered with iControl Networks to make advanced video technology part of the smart home experience. The new cloud camera technology is now available as part of iControl’s Connect™ platform, and supported by devices from Sercomm. The technology is currently available in standard-definition day and night vision cameras with intrinsic, passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing technology. High-definition versions will launch this summer.  
Sercomm is a member of iControl OpenHome Partner Program, which allows a vast portfolio of app and device partners to be easily certified compatible with iControl-powered solutions.  

 “The OpenHome Program has opened the door for our solutions to be part of the next generation smart home, and we couldn’t be more excited,” said James Wang, CEO of Sercomm. “Our state-of-the-art cameras, along with iControl’s leading software technology, allow consumers to stay informed and connected to their homes in a whole new way.”   

 “Video is a major driver for most consumers with a connected home solution,” said Paul Dawes, executive vice president and general manager at iControl. “We recognized that priority and are pleased to partner with Sercomm to offer the most innovative and inexpensive video technology possible. Our video offering combines bank-grade encryption with high frame rate video to provide the best solution for the connected home security market.”  

The Sercomm cloud cameras are quick to install, two-minutes or less, and provide users with a wealth of features including:
  • High definition H.264 live streaming video, viewable by users anytime, anywhere on web browsers, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Secure, fully encrypted video recordings, archived for future access by users
  • Event-based video capture, activated via built-in motion sensing technology, security alarm activation or detected change by any system sensor
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Multiple camera configurations for easy integration
    • Home Area Network-enabled Cameras: Encrypted video is securely routed to the cloud via a centrally managed Home Area Network (HAN) hub
    • Direct Wi-Fi-enabled Cameras: Encrypted video is securely routed to the cloud via a user’s home Wi-Fi – this configuration can be easily integrated into simple, low-cost solutions for consumers who want to ease into the smart home experience