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Sercomm Unveils Next-Gen Connectivity and Security Solutions at CES 2024
Sercomm is excited to showcase our latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions in three themes: ‘10G Ultra-Broadband Generation’, ‘Smart IoT’, and 'Immersive Entertainment Experiences’ at CES 2024. Our diverse portfolio includes AI-powered IoT Solutions, and 10G ultra-high-speed networking solutions, including 5G Small Cells, 5G FWA, DOCSIS 4.0 xPON, WiFi 7, and IP streaming devices.

Our next-gen IP streamers, featuring RDK and Android-based software, offer 4K streaming and support for video conferencing, smart home camera monitoring, and IoT sensors, providing seamless, integrated home security.

Sercomm proudly presents our proprietary S1 Platform, integrating IP cameras, sensors, and mobile IoT devices for Home Security & Safety, Business Security & Access Control, and Mobile Security, Safety & Tracking. Additionally, Sercomm IoT sensors support the Matter Protocol, enhancing reliability and security.