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Unlock 10G Connectivity with Sercomm at CES 2024
At the highly anticipated CES 2024, Sercomm is showcasing our pivotal role as the 'last mile' of 10G connectivity. From Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and DOCSIS 4.0 to XGSPON, our products form the backbone of the 10G vision. Adopting a multi-backend approach, we ensure that the 10G advantage is fully embedded into diverse environments, delivering unparalleled speed and ultra-low latency, putting the power of 10G in every hand.

As AI-driven innovations become part of our daily life, the 10G-enabled world will see remote work continues to evolve, eliminating barriers to collaboration. These innovations demand unprecedented bandwidth. Sercomm's cutting-edge products supporting the 10G vision will empower large offices to unleash AI processing power, accelerating innovation without bandwidth constraints.

It is also a world where high-density populations can enjoy seamless connectivity whether it’s fast payment at shopping malls, immersive and interactive concerts experiences or simply optimizing video streaming and remote casting at hotels.