What is Sercomm's dividend policy?
The appropriations of the Company's earnings are base on the annual net income. The dividend amount is determined by the profit earning condition, financial condition and future operating needs for cash. In principle, dividends could be distributed in cash and/or in the form of stock; nevertheless, cash dividends shall be no less than 10% of the aggregate amount distributed.
Sercomm's major products and services?
Sercomm Corporation is a global leader in telecommunication and broadband equipment. Founded in 1992, Sercomm has been focusing on developing embedded networking solutions to make networking simple and affordable.
Our main products including: Integrated Access Devices (IAD), Enterprise Solutions, FTTx Products, Cable DOCSIS 3.x Products, Small Cell Products and IoT Solutions
When and where was Sercomm incorporated?
Sercomm Corporation was incorporated in July 1992 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Where is the headquarter and global operation sites of Sercomm?
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Sercomm's global operation network covers markets of North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
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